Captive portal?

how can i use a captive portal with login and password ?

With captive portal you use coupons as credentials.

Outside captive portal, if you want to have individual users with full encryption and their own credentials, you could use OpenVPN. You establish a common login/password to get to the blue zone, but you block any access from the blue network anywhere, including the red zone. Then the user authenticate to OpenVPN, which has the rights to go to the red zone.

I know coupon or terms&conditions … but i need a solution to use login and password in captive portal.

That’s not possible with captive portal.

i can’t use a free radius for example.

You are right. Probably you can: - Freeradius Server


just for the records: There is commercial support available for IPFire, including development partnership plans for developing your feature request and bring it into the distribution.

In case you need this feature, kindly consider this option - it also helps the IPFire project as a whole.

(Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Lightning Wire Labs, the company offering commercial support for IPFire, in any way.)

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