Captive portal blocking DNS even after turned off

I had the captive portal turned on for my guest wifi (for sh*ts and giggles), but decided to turn it off as it was more of a pain walking my guests through the acceptance screen. However, after I turned it off, all dns queries stopped working for that network (all other networks were fine). It appears that captive portal still has a hold over that network even after you turn it off, “forget” the network on the devices, and delete the tokens from the list in ipfire. To resolve the blocking you merely have to turn the captive portal back on, but this negates the point of turning it off.

Just tested again in 2.25-147 and it appears that issue is now resolved! Yay!

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Nope, issue came back over the weekend when I had a couple guests over. I had to re enable captive portal as dns did not appear to be working.

Have you again enabled blue access for such clients or the whole blue network?
Enabling captive portal will disable blue access.

My apologies for the late reply, I did not receive an email from the system in regards to your post. Per the link that you sent me, yes, I currently have MAC address filtering turned off by listing the entire blue subnet. That setting has not changed regardless of which way I have the captive portal configured, yet the issue persists. And to be clear, all devices that connect to the blue network (with captive portal turned off) do receive a valid IP address from IPFire.