Can't upgrade 139 to 141, and can't access mail

Problem #1: For the past 9 hours I haven’t been able to access POP3 mail fetch suddenly stopped working. Web access was very slow, then started to get some kind of TLS error messages, and now doesn’t work at all. Ping is very slow with 94% packet loss. I can access the site without problems via a smartphone, and can ping without loss from an ssh session on an external host.

Problem #2: I’ve been reading the blogs about the 141 update and some DNS/TLS changes. So I need to update from 139 to 141? (I’ve been too busy to do so, but am forced now). I’ve never updated ipfire before, should be simple. IPFire tab, shows “Core-Update – 2.23-x86_64 – Release: 139->141” but is grayed-out. Clickws download icon anyway, spins for several minutes, goes back to System->Home tab. Still shows " IPFire 2.23 (x86_64) - Core Update 139" and has notice “There is an core-update from 139 to 141 available.” Did System->Shutdown Reboot. Machine rebooted. No change.

I guess there’s something simple that I’m not understanding. Can IPFire update itself online or do I have to download 141, burn onto media and do a full/fresh manual re-install? Web page at is not helping – I neither have nor want Addons. Any help appreciated. Please respond here if so – I can’t access my email.


No, you do not need to reinstall. IPFire can update itself.

But it looks something is wrong with your system. Low on memory or disk space maybe? You should check the log files which will have an answer for you.

Thank you for confirming the update capability, @ms.

My Logs -> Log Summary shows:

Disk space:

 Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
 /dev/sda4       145G  1.3G  136G   1% /
 /dev/sda1       110M   31M   71M  31% /boot
 /dev/sda2        32M  242K   32M   1% /boot/efi

Status -> Memory shows:


                              Size        Used          Free       Percentage
RAM                        4026012 KB   247120 KB     3778892 KB       6%
-/+ buffers/cache                        94684 KB     3931328 KB       2%
Swap                       1006500 KB        0 KB     1006500 KB       0%

shared      0 KB
buffers    64236 KB
cached     88200 KB

So that doesn’t look like a problem. Could you verify the correct update procedure so I can know exactly where mine is going wrong? On the IPFire -> Pakfire page where my “Core-Update – 2.23-x86_64 – Release: 139 -> 141” is grayed-out and unselectable, is that the immediate problem? Does it need to be selected before clicking the download button? As before, clicking “Refresh list” goes to a page with “Pakfire is working … Please wait until all operations have completed successfully” and messages about mirror sites. When that finishes after 20 seconds the “Core-Update” is still grayed/unselectable; however the page does show that it has been updated:

                       System Status:
Core-Update-Level: 139Last update made 88d 10h 13m 32s ago.

          Last server list update made 13s ago.
            Last core list update made 8s ago.
         Last packages list update made 9s ago.

On a working update, does clicking the download button automatically start it (finishing with a reboot?) or what should I expect otherwise? I realize that all of this should be obvious and not require help or a Wiki explanation, but with nothing happening I need to debug the problem.

BTW, I have connected to IPFire using several different web browsers, all with the same results.

Additional note: My mail problem seemed to have been a combination of Yahoo’s server and IPFire’s filtering. My trash folder had lots of messages (I’ve seen more, without problems, before) and after I painstakingly cleared it out using my smartphone’s clumsy interface, it started working again through IPFire both with browsers and POP3. But there must of have been some interaction with IPFire, as the slow/lossy ping showed (maybe the full trash folder was slowing things down and IPFire’s filtering combined with that caused the failures).

the button below core-update in pakfire should read, upgrade, click on it, it will d/l the update, install it, you will see the bottom line read, “ipfire core update 141” and a message, please reboot. That’s it.

Thanks, @pavlos. Something like that is exactly what I would expect to happen, but didn’t when I tried (twice) 14 hours ago.

I just tried again, and it worked perfectly. Same workstation, same IPFire firewall, same web browser, same procedure. I have no explanation other than some glitch in the download process. Unfortunately I didn’t save the download/upgrade logging messages for the failed tries.

Thanks, all, for the support, and I apologize for needing it. Please accept that my posts have been accurate descriptions of what happened – I have better things to do than to waste your time (and mine) on what at this point might seem like it was an imaginary problem.