Can't udate from core 159 to core 172

hello all,

I’m trying to update my ipfire from core 159 to 172.

I’ve clicked the notice about update link on the “home” page, clicked the upgrade icon under updates, I see it download and then nothing.

I SSH’ed into the firewall, and performed a “pakfire upgrade”, things appeared to be upgrading, and then this error:

DOWNLOAD ERROR: The downloaded file (ipfire/pakfire2/2.27-x86_64/meta/meta-core-upgrade-169) wasn’t verified by Sorry

not sure how to resolve this.

any ideas what to look for?


That’s quite a long upgrade chain; 159 was released August 18, 2021.

You might suffer from a too small /boot partition due to the kernel growing regardless of the exact error you are seeing. In these cases, a backup and reinstall is usually needed. I personally have a couple of 162 systems that will need complete reinstalls due to this. Remember to also back up package settings, if you have any. A reinstall will likely be much faster than trying to fix the error.


thanx for the quick reply, and I was about to do that, when I decided to reboot and try again and viola, it worked.

I honestly didn’t think it was that long since the last upgrade. gonna keep an eye on that closer in the future. :slight_smile: