Can't ping IP through RED interface


I have several server running on my XigmaNAS VirtualBox.
My home network look like:

My XigmaNAS hardware
INTEL X79 INTEL (INTEL Xeon E5/Corei7 DMI2 - C600/C200 Cipset)
CPU 16cores 2700MHz
RAM 64gig

I have install IPFire last version 2.27(178) and test an older version 2.25(158).

My virtual setup is simple:
RAM 4096MB
CPU 2cores
Network adapter 1 - NAT Card 82540EM
Network adapter 2 - Bridged Adapter 82540EM

In IPFire, my RED is on adapter 1 and GREEN on adapter 2.
On network adapter 1
On network adapter 2
Static IP

From my computer with IP i can access the web gui ( without problem.

From the CLI i can ping on the following IP without problem: RED GATEWAY GREEN Another computer in this subnet
I can’t ping on the following IP (No response): Local DNS Cloudflare DNS Google DNS Google DNS

I got the same result with both version of IPFire 2.27(178) and 2.25(158).

I have no problem with my others virtuals guests with network in NAT or Bridge mode.

I change the DNS queries for TLS so i can navigate on internet in the browser of this computer( but if I ping from the CLI of IPFire or the cli of this computer i got time out.

Welcome to the IPFire community.

To assist with your issue, it would be helpful to see the contents of both your ARP and Routing Tables. You can find these in the Web User Interface (WUI) under /Status/Network (others). Could you please share them?

Based on your configuration, it appears that your router at might not be forwarding outgoing traffic properly, or XigmaNAS cannot route traffic properly between the IPFire virtual machine and the router.

Is this a correct representation of your network?

                    |    Router           |
                    |         |
                    |    XigmaNAS         |
                    |       |
                              | Virtual Network
                    |     IPFire VM       |
                    | RED  (NAT)|
                    | GREEN   |
                    |   User's Computer   |
                    |       |

Edit: if you bridge also the RED interface (instead of having a NAT), what happens?


As @cfusco wrote
you need to check XigmaNAS firewall logs


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Another important information to help are the concrete network definitions:

  • router network
  • XigmaNAS network(s)
  • IPFire red
  • IPFire green

z is 24, right?

How does the XigmaNAS route to the VMs?
Where is, the gateway?

EDIT: Maybe the answers can be guessed from your description. But experience shows, that a nearly complete question is part of the solution.


Just for hint about

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Hi, thank you for your support.
Switching from NAT to Bridge for my RED interface work and i can ping all ip on RED now.
I can let it in Bridge mode, NAT mode seem broken on my NAS, i will check it at a later time.

If I change the DNS queries for UDP i got broken again… did using TLS can cause a problems?

Yes z is 24

The gateway is the ip of the virtualbox NAT internal gateway.

I found the error in the Virtualbox log.

I keep it for a later time.

Thank you