Can't ping anything from the console

So, I’ve configured it with a Red, an Orange and a Green Area on a VM and for some reason I can’t ping anything from the console of the firewall.

Here I pinged “”

Red-IP: (Network Bridge)
Orange-IP: (Internal Network)
Green-IP: (Internal Network)

(Btw: I’ve configured it with just Red and Green once and I could ping anything.)

In bridge mode RED must have a public IP supplied by your ISP. ( is a private IP)

Your orange IP is also invalid because this is a Public range from Adylnet Telecom which is not allowed to use in private networks.


Thanks for the quick reply.

So, I’ll set Orange to

For Red: My router uses as internal ip range and a public ip starting with 64.[…].
Should I use a public ip, which looks like the one of my router or is any public ip okay?