Cant get into web config


freshly installed IpFire and internet is working. I can ping google, etc.

But when I try to access Web GUI I can’t as I am getting timeouts. I am connecting https://my_ip_on_green:444. I saw apache conf and tryed 81 too, but same issue.

It is fresh install, am I doing something wrong? Thank you.

Hi @keagan

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Just to check. When you write my_ip_on_green you do mean the ip of the IPFIre machine’s green interface and not the ip of the machine on green that your are accessing the browser with.

Oh yeah, I am accessing the IP which is on green0 interface :smiley: :slight_smile:

Then that should work without any problems.

Do you have access to the internet on the machine you are trying to access the WUI on?

What response do you get if you ping the IPFire green0 ip from the command line on your pc trying to access the WUI?

What ping response from the IPFire console to the WUI pc ip?

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I have access to the internet, IP is assigned and I can ping that IP, also Apache daemon is working.

I hope your not ending that with a (.) Full stop

Not this

As your pc has obtained an ip address from IPFire via dhcp and you can access the internet via it on the same browser, this suggests that green is properly set up but then you should be able to access the WUI.

It can’t be a problem with your browser having a proxy defined as then it shouldn’t work for other internet browsing.

What ip do you get if you run the following command on your IPFire console

ip addr show green0

Does that ip address match the one you are using in the browser.
If yes then what messages do you see in the IPFire logs from when you try to use the browser.


Also are there any errors being shown in the following file from the same time period.