Can't edit profile


I just discovered, after making my first post here, that my real name is listed publicly. When signing up, the form asks for a real name. Most forums/websites will hide this by default and only share it with admin. There is no label saying that the real name is optional, or that it will be displayed publicly by default.

Having gone to my profile, I now discover that - unlike other forums with this software - I can’t edit my profile, change my name or even edit my email address. I would hope that surely this is something users should be allowed to control for themselves, as it’s only our own names and email addresses.

Regardless, could you please kindly remove my real name from public display and set it to the same as my forum username? Or else enable editing the profile on my account and I will happily do it myself. Thanks so much in advance.


you can go here and modify as your needs.



Thank you so much. That’s rather unintuitive, as clicking my avatar (top right) and going to Preferences only lists these details, it doesn’t allow editing. I didn’t know it was available in two places on a different subdomain. All’s well that ends well, so thank you again.


there really should be linked into User Profile!!!

i’m searching round about 10 Mins how to change my fu**ing Password - it drives me nuts ^^

It’s in the wiki