Can't create rule in 2.23 or 2.21.129

IPFire community:
All the tutorials and instructions I’ve looked at indicate creating rules is a straightforward process.
When I try to create a new rule in the GUI I am only presented with the “source” portion of the rule. I don’t see “destination” or other options or any way to complete the rule.
What have I missed?

Maybe this has something to do with my gns3 install but all my other menus look complete. (As far as I can tell as a new user).

No one has seen this issue before?

It looks like your browser does not render the page completely.

Did you try another browser?

Hi Mike:
I agree that a browser issue seems likely. But it looks the same in Edge and Firefox. Maybe it’s an issue with the way qemu is interacting with the IPFire GUI. I don’t really have an alternative to that right now.
Also it’s odd that it would only affect this one view.

Definitely that page is only being transferred half-way.

This could me an MTU issue, too.

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I ran configuration over and this time everything looks fine.