Can't connect from Internet to port 80 and 443 when running HAProxy

I have configured HAProxy and the ports are available if I connect from the internal network using HTTP and HTTPS, but not from the Internet.
Here is the ports information when I use “ss -ntpl” for the port 80 and 443.

LISTEN 0 128* users:((“haproxy”,pid=24868,fd=8))

LISTEN 0 128* users:((“haproxy”,pid=24868,fd=7))

Any clues why I can’t access those ports from the Internet?

Because the default policy blocks all incoming connections from red. You need to add firewall rules that allow the access for this ports.

Hi Cesar,

did you install HAProxy on your IPFire machine? If so, would you be so kind and show us you haproxy.cnf?