Can't acces Internet

Hello all.

My internet access is not working.
I have setup RED and Green network. Red connected to ISP "modem"via dhcp.
range:192.168.2.x/255.255.255/0 where the modem is

green nic is 192.168.1.x dhcp enabled on green. when DNS server is set to green nic it reports: dns server:status broken
rDNS:reverse lookup failed

when i use the ip adres from the Internet modem ( it also can’t connect to the Internet.

I have to use the extrnal ISP dns server to get it working. Is this normal for green ?
I thougt i could use the GREEN ip as dns server ?

Hey @robdyk, could you start by going to “Network” → “Domain Name System” and check to see if your IPFire box has some valid DNS servers?

You tell us that RED is using DHCP, so it should receive one or more DNS server adresses that way.

If it has none or if you don’t want to use those, you can add your own DNS servers.

You can also read the wiki: - Domain Name System (DNS)