Cannot send DM / PM

Click on the avatar and then click on Message.

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Jon, you may see it but I dont …

I can not see this with my account. No “Message” and no “2 posts in topic”

I need to research on the Discourse website…

You should especially since you are not a new user.

New users won’t see the Message button right away. It takes a little time. I need to check this also!

Thanks for your effort

I created a new thread for this.

@pavlos can you send other people a DM (someone besides Peter)?

@jon could it be related to Peter’s profile settings?

This user’s public profile is hidden

charles Brown profile is hidden.

Hmm, I must have copied that from Peter :cowboy_hat_face:
I don’t don’t even recall how or where to set that

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In Preferences > Notifications

I think that is it!

either that or this:
Hide my public profile and presence features

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I just unticked the “hide public”. Could you see if the DM thing is available for me?

Charles, I laughed so hard with your reply, I spilled coffee all over the keyboard !!


I suppose @jon is one of the special few that have been granted the power to DM @pmueller :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was hoping Paul could check your avatar (after he cleans out the keyboard!)

I created a test account for the IPFire Community and with that account (it is fairly new) I can not see Peter’s profile or DM.

So I think this is Discourse Trust Level related.

I am one of the moderators so that is probably true!


Here is my test account.


(changed keyboard) … I can see the red email icon on that user.

Ditto for me as well

for the test account:
CB is hidden
Peter is hidden
Mark is NOT hidden and I can see the red message icon
Paul is not hidden and I can see the red message icon.

Ugh! Does not quite make sense!

I’m back to un-hidden now.