Cannot download Gmail attachments when on dns proxy

Hi since updating to the latest patch (158). I am unable to download attachments from Gmail with the dns proxy on. If I turn off the proxy server, it works. Is this a bug with the new update?

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IPFire does not really have something such as a “DNS proxy”, it is only running a DNS resolver.

Are you perhaps referring to the web proxy? If so, what’s in the proxy logs (located at /var/log/squid/access.log)?

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Peter Müller

I call it a DNS proxy because that is the term that dnsmasq used. Technically you are right. It is a recursive or caching resolver.


My DNS couldn’t resolve I had to exclude this from my local proxy server. However, I found out later on that my Domain Name System was not configured, it was on its default mode. I added a public DNS server and now it’s finally working. Thanks guys for the hint.

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