Cannot download addons or updates

I do not get any addons displayed
Pakfire can not make any updates either
in resolv.conf it says nameserver
I think this is the reason
how can i change this ?
a manual change in resolv.conf to nameserver is gone on the next reboot
i use
IPFire 2.25 (x86_64) - Core Update 156

Hi @perlian

My IPFire also has localhost as the nameserver. That is normal.
The DNS servers that IPFire is using are defined on menu Network - Domain Name System

If you want to find out why pakfire is not working the following command should give the information.

less /var/log/messages | grep pakfire

We should then be able to see what the problem is that is preventing pakfire making its connection to one of the IPFire mirrors.

I got this output…its very long (3.0 KB)

Under network i got DNS-Server

Status: defekt (Recursor-Modus)

Can you send a screen shot of your DNS servers (menu Network > Domain Name System)?

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Hi @bonnietwin
i manually added my pihole and to the DNS Servers section
now it works
dont understand why the fields are empty
in my former ipfire installation everything was working from the beginning

thanks for your help and assistance