Cannot create libvirt storage pool on a disk device


I have an unusual need which will be best met by running a VM on my IPFire box. It’s great that IPFire allows this with libvirt/qemu!

Being a bit perfectionist I went to the trouble of making space for a dedicated partition to store the VM. However, it seems that IPFire does not have the necessary “backend” (kernel driver??) to support a pool on a physical disk device!

When creating a new storage pool of type “disk: Physical Disk Device” with Source Path: “/dev/sda6” (my empty partition) I get the error:

Error creating pool: Could not define storage pool: internal error: missing backend for pool type 4 (disk)

Can anyone confirm that this is expected?
If so, why has IPFire not included this module? (I imagine to simplify things and reduce size/support, but it would be very helpful if anyone can confirm)

Thank you!