Cannot connect to green network

I have an old pc I installed ipfire on and connect to (web gui) right after setup. If I move my ipfire machine where I want it, I cannot connect to it anymore. I have read this is due to not having kvm connected. Is that true? If so, how could I get around this as I do not have a need for kvm or the physical space for it. Can I run a headless ipfire install? Thanks in advance.

when I did the setup, I had keyboard and video (no mouse since it is text). After that I moved the machine to where is supposed to be, rebooted, it connected to RED and GREEN and was able to access on GREEN with ssh. My ipfire has no keyb/video connected to it, just power cord and two rj45s. HTH

Thanks for the response. With that method, is there a way to access the web gui? My ipfire machine will stand alone, but I prefer using the web gui as I have very little experience with ssh(and gui is so much easier)

sure, from another system (desktop/laptop) in the same subnet.

my green network is 172.16.0.* , the ip of ipfire is so works.

In the BIOS of the computers there is usually an option to turn it on even if it does not detect a keyboard or mouse. That is, that option, when active (usually on the first page of the BIOS), if it does not detect a keyboard or mouse, a message appears at startup notifying that it has not found a keyboard or mouse and that you press F1 to Access the BIOS or F2 to continue.

An easy way to know if this is is that you connect only one monitor to the IPFire and see what happens during startup.