Can the IPFire support Bi-directional NAT?

Hi all,

I would like to have the Port forward and Source NAT address translated at the same session.

For example, when wan user try to access my Firewall with IP : 3389 to my LAN PC,

I want the source IP to be translated as the Firewall Lan IP at the same time.

How can we achieve this?

Yes, this is supported. You just have to create two firewall rules. One for the DNAT and one for the SNAT.

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Can you make a sample for NAT loopback and shom me?

Internal user use Firewall Wan IP : 12345 to Lan PC : 3389
The source should be changed to Firewall Lan IP for this case.

This is very easy, you will just select your source (presumably anywhere) and your host. And then you click DNAT for one, and SNAT for the other.

You can find more information here: - Firewall Documentation