Can´t reach web inf. after ids update

Hello, i was updating all free rule sets and after it was done i cant reach the ipfire sys via green on 2 PC and one movile device. Did i get ipfires force so strong to keep me self out from space?

If a reinstall will the fastet way i will do that, but it would be interesting why it was colethed ?!?!

greets Crow!

Hello @oldcrow.

Do you have access to IPFire in any way? (ssh, monitor/keyboard, serial?.

If so, access and modify the IDS/IPS file to disable it and then reboot.

If you can’t, mount the hard drive on a Linux LIVE machine and edit the configuration file. You put it back to the Firewall and start.

By doing this, you should be able to log in again and see the LOGs.


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Hey, it´s a smal network for this firewall, just one vpn n2n connection so i was reinstalled it - thx for answer!

It is near impossible to determine this after everything was re-installed / re-built.

If there is a next time, it would be best to save the IPFire logs. And save a list of “free rule sets” that you use.