Can Peplink MAX Adapter 5G Cellular Modem be used for Uplink?

I’m working on setting up a small “server” (SuperMicro X10SDV-6C±TLN4F, Xeon D-1528, 64GB RAM, Dual 10GB ports, Dual 1GB ports), to run firewall/router and NAS apps in VMs. My goal is to use something like a Peplink MAX Adapter 5G for my Internet uplink. It connects via USB 3.0, and is configured as a Mobile Broadband device. The MAX Adapter 5G works with Windows and Linux.
As a Linux based firewall/router, I’m wondering whether IPFire would see the Peplink MAX Adapter 5G as a Mobile Broadband device for my Internet uplink, if the USB port is passed through to the VM?
Thanks for any insight on this!

Have you already read the following Wiki page?


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Is this device supported by the hypervisor? If not and no drivers are availabale → no way.

Also I guess this hasn’t changed, it won’t work : WWAN Profile setup - #18 by arne_f

The Peplink MAX Adapter 5G does work in Linux, according to Page 14 of the User Manual -


on the aforementioned page 14, the manual reads:

Download the Linux distributions software and install it.

While I did not have a look at that software yet, it is worth noticing that IPFire’s kernel does not load 3rd party modules (due to this rationale). In case that software includes a kernel module or something similar (DKMS), it won’t work on IPFire.

However, if it features merely some other components, such as udev rules, then I don’t really see any obvious show-stoppers, especially since we are pretty much up-to-date with linux-firmware, the conglomerate of 3rd party firmware blobs that may also contain proprietary drivers for 5G networking equipment.

Thanks, and best regards,
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