Can not Activate Guardian or Access URL Logs

So we are running the latest version of IPFIRE…love this software. However, for some reason can not activate Guardian. It will click to on, but will not engage.

Then on URL Logs, when I click to access url log, it returns please contact root administrator. Has anyone seen this issue before. Want to make sure something maliscious is not stopping our ability to urls that have been accessed.

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So was Guardian working but then after upgrading to Core Update 159 it stopped or are you trying to get it running and it is failing to do so.

I am on Core Update 159 and I just installed Guardian, checked the Enable Guardian box and then pressed save and Guardian started with no problems.

Run the following command to see what the logs say

less /var/log/messages | grep guardian

There should be some messages in there indicating what is causing it to not start

Is this an Internal Server Error message. If yes then you should be able to find some indication of what the error is by looking at the following log. The best idea is to click to access the url logs, get the error message and then go to the console and access the above log. The appropriate error messages will be near the end of the log.

less /var/log/httpd/error_log

Oh ok let me try this. I will run error logs and see what it says. Very helpful and kind of you to take time with reply back. Thank you. Oh you a drink

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For Guardian messages you can access the logs on the Logs - System Logs menu item.

Just select Guardian in the drop down list and press Update and it will show all the messages related to Guardian.