Can ipfire replace pfsense?

Hello guys,

I need to use dockers for a school project but dockers doesn’t work with dockers, so i have seen that ipfire its a firewall and with addons can be a router, do you guys could tell me if ipfire works as a router and if i can use ipfire with dockers?


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Unfortunately, I did not understood your question - what’s “but dockers doesn’t work with dockers” supposed to say?

IPFire does not support Docker, if this information helps you, but you can run virtual machines on it (although we recommend against doing so for security reasons). For the latter, please see here and here for further details.

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Hello and thanks for your reply, i’m the OP but i was in the need to make another account because i forgot the e-mail and passwd, sorry in advice.

What i’m reffering to, its that pfsense doesn’t work with dockers, since i want to do some high avilabilty in dockers but pfsense is not compatible with dockers.

And i want to know if i can do some high availability using ipfire as router (quitting pfsense) and load balancing, etc with ipfire.