Can I SSH in the blue zone?

When I connect my desktop computer to the IPFire computer through Ethernet, I’m in the green zone and SSH works. But then I have no Internet because IPFire is connected to me, not the ISP modem.

When I connect IPFire back to the ISP modem, I have to connect to it from my desktop over Wifi, so I’m in the blue zone. And I have no SSH access.

That whole connecting and disconnecting of cables is annoying. Can I create some rule that allows access to the green zone for my desktop’s IP only so it can SSH to IPFire?

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Why do you have to connect/disconnect your modem?
The modem should be connected to red (WAN) not green (LAN).

I didn’t disconnect the modem. I disconnected IPFire from the modem so the Ethernet port would be free for my desktop to go in.

But maybe I am making some confusion. The notebook that runs IPFire had been broken for quite some time and I fixed it recently, and I SSH’ed to it over Ethernet on the day I fixed it. So I must have configured the Ethernet port as green so I could do some admin. I had to rescue some personal files because I’m considering formatting and installing a newer version. Now, Eth is red and connected to the ISP modem. My desktop is in the blue zone and I can SSH IPFire thanks to the solution provided by the fellow forum member above.

Thank you all.

I just investigated and found out I had in fact been using a Wifi NIC as red connected to the ISP modem Wifi access point. I just changed everything, now red really is the Ethernet NIC and the desktop remains in the blue NIC, I have no green interface now or rather I have it associated to a spare wireless NIC that is doing nothing. I wish I could use it as a separate AP, but it’s a very cheap NIC that does not support acting as an AP.