Can I do that with IPFire?(For some IP addresses, VPN is enabled for both incoming and outgoing traffic, and all incoming connections on port XX coming from the VPN are redirected to a server.)

I need to separate all outgoing connections and redirect incoming connections to a write server. Can I do this with two IPFire servers (two LANs in both)?

  • All computers/servers can see each other in local connection.
  • The IPFire on the branch is in another state (I live in Brazil).

If the answer is yes, how complicated is it to do this?
I will try to install it on VMs to try that, but before I need a north star.
I apologize for any mistakes. English is not my first language, and this has been revised by Google Bard.

I appreciate the effort to clarify your question and I hate to say that I do not understand what you want to do. I suspect it is due to English translation. Can you try again? You could use chatGPT to clean up your text in your own language and when you are satisfied with the result, ask the AI to translate it in English.

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I saw the text, it really got confusing. Google Bard made a mess,I apologize for the confusion caused by the previous translation. Here’s a summary:

i need to have certain PCs/Servers access the internal network of Branch A (where IPFire with OpenVPN is running), while others have direct internet access from Branch B. Additionally, computers in Branch A should only have access to a specific server in Branch B. Everything should be transparent to the clients.

Thank you for your time.

I,m no expert.
You should be able to make a N2N vpn connection from A to B
Then and firewall rules to limit access.
I have never setup a N2N vpn so I will be of little help.
Not sure if you would need to set static routes for specific serve at each end.
Hope you find some of this info useful.

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yes, this is the way to go.

Thank you, I will study this…

I might try to give you a more detailed opinion in the next few days (too busy right now). For now, check the wiki, in particular the howto on how to make the clients of a branch office available to the other branch office.