Building IPFIRE

Managed to go through:
Resulting installable .iso file but how to add source for downloaded Realtek r8168 source and compile into usable module?

My first post, patience please :slight_smile:

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Long time ago we has build this extra module but it has more stability issues than the kernel included one.

Here is an old copy of the needed lfs;a=blob_plain;f=lfs/r8168;hb=0d732df29702a9f0fcdbbb4c4e0be1a39b064f2a
but this need also enabled in make sh again…

Also keep in mind that you cannot simple copy a module because they are signed. You need to exchange the whole kernel, initrd and all modules to get it to work.

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What is your reason to change the driver for those chipsets?

Some problems with one device and search engines biased results, if you serach for problems you get problems :frowning:
Downladed todays Core148 reinstaleld and every problem is gone. But was getting concerned because of r8168 chipset in quite some devices…
Such documents also dont help:

Anyway thank you Arne and Michael for your concern and response…

I am not aware of any problems that we have with that chipset. It is quite a popular one and many IPFire users use it.

That post you are quoting is from 2011 and you will surely downgrade your driver.