**BUG** macOS IPSec Roadwarrior v156 Cert Password Issue


Edit I was using some symbols in my password and this seemed to cause the issue. By creating a password that only contained [a-zA-Z] I was able to import the certificate into macOS kerychain and it accepted the password.

Seems there is a bug with the handling of special characters in the certificate password???

IPFire Dev v156

Setting up IPSec roadwarrior config using wiki articles:

When I get to the part where I import the user certificate on macOS 11, importing the .p12 file fails with incorrect password error.

I have generated a certificate 2 times now, the second time being extra careful to ensure the password of the certificate is correct, but macOS keeps saying the password is incorrect.

Hi @knightian ,

Could you raise this as a bug please.

Your IPFIre Community email address and password will get you logged in to the IPFire Bugzilla.


@bonnietwin Done 12610 – PKCS12 Password with characters not importing into macOS keychain

Ooops missed the word “special” in the title but the description will reveal this.

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Added the word special into the title

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