Bridge Green and Blue

How can I bridge Green and Blue networks to create one seamless network with one subnet, one DHCP, one DNS etc…?

Just like on a Linksys or Netgear Wifi router. Whether you are plugged in with a wire or use wireless, you are on the same network.

If you are not on the same network you can’t access “Cast” or “Airplay” to wireless devices. And wireless devices can’t print to wired printers.

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You cannot bridge both networks but you can configure a green zone as bridge that have some lan and a wlan interface in the already mentioned zone configuration.


Did the following IPFire Wiki pages not help?


@arne_f How can I configure Green Zone as bridge ?

Do I switch Green from “Default” to “Bridge”
and leave Blue “Default”? or also “Bridge”
I am asking because Last time I did that I had to restore my whole IPFire backup. ; :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Thank you for explaining that

do I understand it right that - Network Modes is “obsolete” as You can configure these things in the zone configuration ( - Zone Configuration)?

So the necessary steps the op asked for would be:

  1. Set green to bridge mode
  2. assign the relevant NICs to the green zone

Cheers, Stephan

Yes. Manuall editing is not needed anymore. I have edited the Wiki page.

After assigning the nic’s you have to reboot, then it should work.