Bootable, preconfigurated Image for NanoPI R2S


do you think it could be possible to get a Version of IPFire running out of the image without configuration on bootime? The FriendlyFire NanoPI R2S i ordered are in a closed Metal case and are not easy to open to put some TTL-USB cable on.
Same procedure like FriendlyFire do it with their OpenWRT Image? An Image which boots up and you can do the rest oft the configuration via webinterface?


You ever should have a console device for your IPFire!
It isn’t hard to misconfigure networks. So there is a big probability to loose connection.

Just my opinion.

Would be nice - but when your device is packaged like the ones i bought its more problematic to open and close the case - the preconfigurated OpenWRT works like charm via DHCP - if there is something wrong with the config do it again… but always opening and closing the device is not an option because its a non-trivial thing.

i ordered this one with the quit nice metal(!!!)-casing via amazon:
2022-04-12 11_09_42-FriendlyElc NanoPi R2S Open Source Mini Router mit Dual-Gbps Ethernet Ports 1GB

Good afternoon.

I don’t know if it will work, since when you define the interfaces, the MACs appear and I don’t know to what extent it can affect, but it occurs to me that you configure a “mockup” and using software to make MicroUSB images, make an image that you can restore to the MicroUSB of the others.

The software that I recommend are:


Tell Us something.



this device has 2 onboard Network interfaces - one, direct bus-based build up a Realtek RTL8211E and another one an upon an USB3 Interface Realtek RTL8153B.
On their OpenWRT image the Realtek RTL8211E is always the RED (WAN) interface and the USB3 Interface Realtek RTL8153B is always the GREEN (LAN) one.

Maybe there is a way to change the initializing scripts of ipfire to behalve the same without knowing the MAC adr. but the knowledge of the different drivers of these 2 Network interfaces?
This could end up in a system which boots up into a stable predefined Mode using for example the DHCP on the Green Interface to get on the IPFIre Web-Userinterface?



if I may comment on this from a security standpoint, it is relatively easy to do things wrong by preconfiguration. For example, we have seen some organisations using lots of IPFire machines - but all with the same private SSH and TLS keys, since they were just cloned from an image.

As with default credentials, the industry is seeking for how to get rid of them (for example, Raspbian removed the default pi user recently).

To cut it short: Please know what you are doing before bringing customisation in production. :slight_smile:

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller