Blue with VLAN not working

Hi all,

I have three WIFI APs which are all identical. They serve an internal SSID and a guest SSID.

I switched on VLAN (33) for them and configured the IPFire in the zone settings to ouse VLAN (33) instead of the native interface. I also enabled DHCP on blue.

From green I can ping to blue gateway. When I connect to the guest wifi SSID I thought I will get an IP assigned because of the same VLAN but this does not work.

I have not configured any VLAN on my switch because I thought I cannot use port based VLAN because each AP serves “green” and “blue”.

Any ideas? What am I missing?

Thanks a lot in advance,

No disrespect intended.
Are you sure that all the VLAN path from the Firewall through the switch till the AP is correctly configured? Did you verified beside the AP that the VLANs work as intended?
I wasted 6 hours of my life for “forgetting” that an AP needed one more vLAN for being reached from management…

Thanks a lot for checking @pike_it. I verified the AP, there is only that one setting where the SSID is configured. So I think the AP will tag the VLAN but this is something which I have actually not verified. In the IPFire I have assigned the VLAN to the blue interface. Am I missing something there on the IPFire?

I am not skilled and experienced enough on VLAN for support a remote verify/troubleshooting of the setup… Sorry :slightly_frowning_face: