Blue network no internet

I’ve looked through similar threads and haven’t found something that has worked. I’ve got a pretty generic install, only OPENvpn running past the defaults. I did add a network card shortly after initial installation and added blue network. Configured all as per wiki instructions. assigned blue card new IP address, enabled DHCP on blue network. disable DHCP on router.

Here is what I get.

connect laptop wireless.
Get proper ip from FW
get all other entries default gateway and DNS( all set to FW NIC address as on Green network)
Can ping Blue nic address as well as Green and Red(static IP set by ISP)
Can’t get past RED NIC to Red network gateway.

Is there something that gets enabled when setting up a RED,GREEN, Blue FW during initial setup that I am missing? traffic on green works as it should. Blue traffic drops at red interface.

HI Vladimir, since you said the blue devices are getting an IP I would assume you did follow the wiki for Blue Access here.

I think checking the simplest stuff first is best,
Check under Firewall the firewall options at the top it should list
Masquerading make sure it is enabled for the blue interface.

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