Blue network and android

i have some android devices where i should connect to blue net
unfortunately for how they are configured I cannot disable the rundom change of the macaddres, so every time I change it it no longer connects
there is a possibility to fix the problem

Change macaddress won’t disallow devices to be connected to blue network. Or to be serviced from DHCP.

Do you use any kind of MAC-related feature?

One use case for “Access to Blue” is the authentification by MAC. In this case a changing MAC address is very contra-productive, shame on the Android OS/developpers of the special appliance.

I don’t agree with you on the “shame” part. For avoiding mac-based identification the randomization works quite well. You can argue with the reason, but not with the effectiveness of the solution :slight_smile:

unfortunately they are phones that are customized where some settings are unedited or hidden
including the possibility of blocking the change of the mac addres

Identification in ethernet/ethernet-like networks is based on MAC address.
Try to change your IMEI, I don’t think your GSM/UMTS provider will be glad with this idea.

BTW, what if I had posted this answer with a differnent account?

Goto menu “Firewall->Blue Access”.
Add a device with a source IP like “” if 10.0.0.x is your blue network (DHCP given network).
Leave Source MAC Address empty, tick the enable checkbox and save it.
This allows all your devices to access the blue network.
There is a page in the wiki which describes this in detail.

thanks Marco, I try and let you know if it works

Normal you can also disable the mac ramdomization in android at connect to a wlan. Most corporate networks not allow this…

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it is true but in my case they are mobile phones used as PDAs and whoever developed the system does not allow access to the device configuration, in addition to not being able to block the macadress does not allow many other functions
if I do not find solutions, I will install an external access point on the green network

Could you check if the Android device in question does offer a configuration option to use the “hardware MAC address” instead of a randomly chosen MAC address when you initially connect it to a new wifi network? AFAIK the wifi configuration will use the hardware MAC and stay with it if you handle it like this. Each time you remove the wifi network settings and configure it again you’ll notice that the device will use a new randomly chosen address for the new configuration.