Block web traffic

I should configure my home firewall to make sure all http and https web traffic goes through the proxy
how can i do the firewall rule
who can give me an example
Thank you

Hi @paolorossi. Good evening from Spain.

May be this can help you:

Firewall rule for web-proxy - Networking - IPFire Community

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hello Roberto Peña and good day from Italy
I had already seen that post and tried to follow but every attempt made has not been successful, if there was a clearer guide it would help me
my knowledge is not very advanced and i am installing a firewall for my home network

Hi Paolo.

When you browse the internet, you use ports 80 (http) and 443 (https). The Proxy in transparent mode, captures only 80 (http) not filtering 443 (https).

The Proxy in non-transparent mode uses port 800. Therefore, in the posts, you must configure the “Internet Options” for use with Proxy. Otherwise, even if you have it in non-transparent mode, if you don’t configure it, you will continue to go through 80 and 443 (without filtering https).

That is why in the previous link that I sent you there is a Firewall rule (rule 5) that prevents the communication of posts through port 80 (http) and 443 (https) and forces, yes or yes, the communication through port 800.

There are several ways to configure the Proxy on Client computers. I list them:

  1. Through Policies (in the case of a Domain, with Server).
  2. Manually (configuring the “Internet Options”).
  3. Through a configuration script.
  4. Using “Code = 252” (only for Edge and Chrome).
  5. Some more that I do not know.

The first, only valid for Companies / SMEs or Homes with people who know what they are doing.

The second, although manual, is not the easiest.

The third, from my point of view, the easiest.
Copying this Link:


The fourth, only for Edge and Chrome. With them it is not necessary to configure anything since the Proxy auto-detects. With Firefox, no.

Apart from configuring the “Client” part, rule 5 must be created to prevent the Proxy from being bypassed.

You will tell us.


Hi @roberto ,

This is the best explanation of How To get the web proxy working I have ever read.

The thing is not only the firewall is important but the clients too and until now I never got it working because if there are other people in the network they are just not configured right and as a home user that does happen very often.

It is a pity:
In my opinion a webproxy is a nice to have. For home users who cannot (do not want to, it is not socially acceptable to) control guests (every device) I cannot see a fire and forget solution. :frowning: