Block advertising

Hello, somehow the advertising is getting more and more while surfing, can I block the advertising without endangering ipfire? I think that this is best done via an add-on or, how do you do this or how is the experience with you, are there recommendations from Ipfire?

Have a look at using the URL Filter. It has options to select ads and you can add custom blacklists for advert providing domains.

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thank you, i have ‘ads’ market

Have a look at this topic - DNS block list can do that.

I think you need to mark ‘adv’ also. For me Blacklist editor shows that ‘ads’ is basicly empty. It might vary between blacklist used. :thinking:

Another question about Shalla, do I lift the URL correctly (see picture) or do I have to insert it like this: ‘

My URL Filter is set-up like this and works as expected (no URL added):

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