Best Linux firewall of 2023

Just for information :wink:




Well, a few of them are not a Linux firewall :slight_smile:

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Sent it as a news tip to a big Swedish tech community, hoping they publish it.

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which ones are not linux firewall?

All BSD derivatives, for example.

OPNsense and pfSense are both based on FreeBSD, not Linux. They belong to the broader superfamily of Unix Operating Systems. However, there is a distinction in their origins: FreeBSD is derived from the Berkeley Software Distribution, the Unix dialect developed at Berkeley University, whereas Linux was built entirely from scratch as a complete operating system.

I had the impression over the years that FreeBSD is considered the safer alternative “out of the box” compared with standard Linux distributions?

The weaker link is always between the chair and the console. Having said that, what you said is commonly repeated everywhere. Also, there are tribes of the OpenBSD church, where “OpenBSD is more secure than anything else in the universe”. Never tested this statement or Linux vs BSD in general, so while this is possible, I remain uninformed but quite skeptic. By the way, I have chosen IPFire exactly because I had no interest to learn how to use a BSD based machine.


PICNIC (“problem in chair, not in computer”)


I thought you used a Mac?!?


In this forum, using this thing of hours, indeed I am that link… :innocent:

I was born and bred on Windows. Most things I ever had to do seriously, private or work, was, and is, done in Windows.

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you are right, I wasn’t thinking about MacOS. You got a point, squared.

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great :rofl: