Beginner Question

Hello! I am a new IPFire user. Installed ipfire-2.25.x86_64-full-core142. Everything went smoothly, but during the initial setup I did not see two very important and one critically necessary setup:
Important: 1) I want to configure the link aggregation in the home network - combine 2 network interfaces into one, 2) I want to set the operating system to RAID.
Necessary: ​​in order for the network to work, I need the ability to manually specify the MAC addresses of network cards (at least in the red zone).
Another point - choosing IPFire with the idea of ​​complete control over the equipment, I noticed that without my explicit instructions the firewall is trying to reach out (this is just what I noticed on the command line without connecting to the network and additional tricks) to the site.
In connection with these issues:

  1. How to specify the desired MAC ?
  2. Means for RAID and link aggregation ?
  3. How to gain control over your equipment, which is designed so that no one gets into where it is not necessary without my permission? In other words, how should I act, starting from the installation, to be sure that the system designed to protect my network will not fly away the information before it is installed?

Hello Uncle_Dima - welcome to the IPFire Community.

Go to the menu Network --> Assign MAC Address

See IPFire Wiki - assign MAC-adresses for information.

Sorry I know little about the other items on the list. I searched for “raid” in the IPFire Wiki and found these items:

Thanks for the answer! I ask you to consider the previous post the first impression of the installation (I think this can be of some interest to developers). I have not connected via the web interface yet. In a few days, I will share my impressions of the experience of real implementation.


fetching the time via NTP is necessary in order to perform DNSSEC and X.509 validation. Since some systems come without sufficient RTCs, this step is inevitable.

answer to 2:
IPFire is Linux and does not use RAID in the BIOS/UEFI. If you disable RAID in PC settings, then IPFire installer has RAID-awarness and might find yours.

answer to 3:
There is no need to connect a LAN to green0 during initial install - your data is safe then. After that, a single workstation, connected to green0, suffices to complete the configuration. If you are still concerned about that then use a workstation having zero or unimportant data. A Linux workstation is good for this purpose, because it could readily be re-installed later. Better still, download and run TENS from a DVD: