Be notified by email when a website is blocked (URL filter)

Hi all,

I set up Mail Service, activated the URL filter and blocked some categories and websites.

As an administrator, I would like to receive an email when a site has been blocked (with the informations displayed on the user’s screen - url, category, IP address)

Is it possible ?

Thanks in advance.

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This post is not very successful (a bit alone) …

Finally, I found MY solution:

Configure the Mail Service in IPfire, Install the ipfstatusmail * addon (many thanks to @TimF !), configure it and select URL filter in the list.

(*) GitHub - timfprogs/ipfstatusmail: Status emails for IPFire

This solution has the following advantages :

  • Can be configured for specific information(s) / email recipient(s)
  • Independent of the IPFire admin and access rights to the GUI
  • Obtains global results over a given period for all machines (and not in real time by machine)

== or ==

Every day, read the logs in IPFire > Logs > URL Filter logs…

Hi Stefan,

on which Core did you test this?

As far as I can see, there seem to be problems with Core 153?


Hi @mfischer

IPFstatusMail addon works perfectly on several of my IPFire, some are still update 152, others 153 and one in 154 unstable

This addon has been installed for over a year and has always worked well.

Note: I carried out several tests with email addresses from different providers, some did not work…

Finally, my email addresses that work perfectly are with (port 587 - STARTTLS)

Best, Stéphane