Basic Net to Net configuration

Super Frustrated. There is a whole section of the config page not addressed in - Net-to-Net Connections when configuring a net to net ipsec vpn using PSK. Fields are:

Mode: Tunnel
Interface: Non(Default)
‘>IP address/SubnetMask’

What is this section for? What parameters should I put there? If I leave it blank and set the “Start Action” to Always On in the Advanced section, the VPN DOES NOT COME UP, nor is there anything in the ipsec system log to indicate why. In fact the ipsec system log remains blank as if nothing even tried. Have done ipfire net-to-net VPN in the past (quite some time ago) so I understand the general principles, but don’t have any idea where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated.

Can you be more specific - do you want to set up an OpenVPN or IPsec connection?


Never mind. I didn’t have “Enabled” checked in the global setting. It is working fine now

ipSec though in regards to your question. Still kind of interested in what the second block “IPsec Settings” is for on the connections configuration page.