Banana Pi Lamobo R1 Orange Vlan-Led's

My “new” Hardware is Lamobo Banana Pi R1.
The red device ( eth.011 = the 2nd port, but the 1st port of the VLAN-Switch) is connected to a local Gigabit-network. eth.012 is green, and the (internal usb) wifi blue is running as well.

But I am not satisfied about the bandwith. The Vlan-Led’s are just orange on the VLAN…but the Led of the Local Switch is green. Does it mean, the Lamobo-Vlan is in the Fast-ethernet-mode only?
(100 mbit ?) ? Either mysterical is this: If I connect a Vlan Port to an Fast-ethernet-switch the Vlan.Led’s are green…but the bandwith is just 10 mbit then. ( local Download-test)

Hmmm…I’m puzzeld…It’s my first try with this Device. Thanks for a response in advance !