bad ping and internet connection

Hello, everyone,

we have a problem. We have a Vodafone connection.
We are using the red, green and blue interface and a FritzBox with DHCP.

From the Fritz.Box LAN Port1 to IPFIRE Red Interface (DMZ)

Green Interface:
Blue interface:

In the appendix you can see the bad ping evaluation.

What could be the reason?

thanks to all

This is difficult to tell, because from the ping we cannot see where the latency is being added.

Do you see the same latency when you ping

Can you install mtr and run that?

yes, every now and then we have high latencies.
i will install and run the mtr and I’ll be in touch.
thanks for the tip


Is this a problem from my internet providers?

many thanks

No this is a problem of the hardware you are using for IPFire or that FritzBox. Definitely locally because it took you 459 ms to probably go half a meter.

OT: Your DHCP end addresses are invalid 192.168.x.255 is the broadcast address of a /24 network and cannot used for clients. Lower the end to .254

hi, thanks for your support.
I changed it, but it’s still slow, very strange.

If you have a spare and know-good ethernet cable you can try to change the one between your router and your IPFire Box.

This was the reason why i add that “OT:” which means “of topic” I had seens this config problem, but it should not help for the acutal problem.

Other question: Is this the same address/hostname for hop1 and 2 in your mtr? If yes. Why the traffic runs twice via the same hop?