Bacula - backup add on

I am using Bacula for backup of my home network machines. As the current version of the Bacula add-on in IPFire is 9.0.6 (November 2017) I am compiling the add-on myself for local use. I am only using it as the File Daemon on IPFire so that my Bacula Backup server can backup the IPFire files I want.
A couple of weeks ago I updated Bacula to 9.6.2 and I am now in the process of compiling 9.6.3. (issued yesterday).

If anybody else is interested in using Bacula (just for the File Daemon) on IPfire I would be willing to provide an update every time there is a new version issued, so that it could be provided with the following Core Update. Someone would just need to let me know what I need to provide to ensure that it is properly integrated and checked out.

If nobody is interested in using Bacula File Daemon then that is also fine, I will just keep on compiling and installing it as a local add-on.


if you want to join developing IPFire and especially maintain ‘bacula’ I’d recommend you get in touch with the developers and ask for a GIT account.

The best way to do this is described here.

I don’t know how much users use this addon - but yes, its a bit outdated and should be taken care of…


P.S.: If you need any help, just ask. :wink:

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The wiki links to the Community and Developer Summits are dead :thinking:

Thanks Matthias, I will follow your recommendation.

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They are not publicly visible, because there is contact information of us on there. Those pages are just for organising the events.

Hello Adolf, Matthias and Michael,
I also want to use Bacula for backup my home network machines, including the IPFire-Server itself. But I like to use the IPFire-Server as the Backup server.
Now I actually find bacula-9.6.7-9 in the list of available addons. Does the Director daemon, the File daemon, the Storage daemon, and the Catalog service (which SQL is used?) are all included in the addon package? What are the dependencies for the addon package?
Regards, Marc

Hi Marc,

The bacula addon covers only the file daemon. As it is only the file daemon there are no dependencies.

The director, storage daemon and mysql or postgresql database need to be set up on another machine in the network.

Hello Adolf,
so it will be necessary to setup a separate Backup Machine. Will the downloaded packages from be compatible with the older file daemon from the IPFire Addon package?
Do you know if the Linux BMR feature can be purchased for privat home backup cenarios?
Or how do you plan a disaster recovery for your IPFire-Server?

Hallo Marc,

Yes they are very likely to be. Generally older File Daemons will work with more recent Director/Storage Daemon.
The only caveat is that Bacula don’t guarantee that it will always work.

Version 11 was a major change to the database structure so I have left it for 9 months to be sure that all bugs have been ironed out.
I am going to shortly update my system from 9.6.7 to 11.0.5
If everything works okay then I will look at updating the File Daemon in bacula.

I don’t know.

I actually have a script in IPFire that runs the IPFire backup routine on a weekly basis. I have ensured that all my scripts etc are added into the IPFire backup definition in


Then once a week after the above backup has been carried out the bacula File Daemon backs up the IPFire backup files that have changed into my bacula storage system (separate hard disk)

My Bare Metal Recovery is to re-install IPFire, which the few times I have had to do it takes me around 15 to 20 minutes, and then restore the IPFire backup files from bacula and then restore IPFire from whichever of those backup files I want. Usually this would be the most recent one.
I think this approach is much simpler than trying to do a backup of the actual IPFire operating system.

Hello Adolf,

my Bare Metal Recovery is to re-install IPFire with Clonezilla.

I made a backup of my core 158 installation before I did the last upgrade(s).
Never tried the recovery before but maybe I have to now because of troubles

Regards, Marc


Please could Bacula-fd Package be upgraded to the latest version?

Since version Bacula Version 11.x that all communication is encrypted by default. This is Important in terms of safety to backup IPfire.

Best Regards


Hallo @oliveiraped

Welcome to the IPFire community.

It is on my list of things to do.

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