Backup Solution

What is the easiest was to Setup a backup/restore for IPFire in case of a system failure.
I am looking for the easiest routine to restore a IPFire System drive including the configuration without going through the Wohle install process. One way i thought would be a good solution is to have to System partitions and clone the working partition

This is what I use:

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I know that method. I am looking for an easier way, that can restore an install without going through the whole install process

That method is pretty darn easy! I’ve used it 2-3 times. Last time was on May 27 and it took about 5-10 minutes (best guess) to build and restore.

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You could have a backup drive with basic setup ready to go.
swap in drive.
restore config from backup.

I like to clone “bare metal” my drive using the dd command from a live linux/installer.

Worse come’s to worse, i simply swap the drive.

I too use the routine at Only a minimal install process is required, to step 5 in Then install addons (no need to configure) and restore backup.

I did previously use full system backup, which will take longer and be more complicated. It depends on which architecture you are running.

  • for SD card, simply remove the card to another system and dd to another card
  • otherwise, if you are able to boot Clonezilla on the IPFire system then it will clone to a USB-attached drive. dd can also be used this way, but you need to be certain the target drive has at least the same number of bytes.

Clonezilla sounds like good idea. I could create an image of the ipfire installation and save it to the Clonezilla boot stick and the make the USB port 1st priority when booting. Whenever the boot stick is inserted it would then boot to Clonezilla. From there I could restore from the saved image.
The reason I need something easy is, because this unit will be used for a portable rack which will be powered up and down all the time. I am concerned that once in a while the unit will not be powered down correctly, which will eventually lead to a corrupt installation of ipfire. So I need a easy method to restore the installation on site, even with no internet connection present.

I think that would work, although I have never saved an image to the same stick that was used to boot Clonezilla.

I think it’s also advisable to NOT have the box boot to USB … it makes it easy for an malefactor to boot to their disk, make changes and then boot back to IPFire …

Or are you trusting enough to know you don’t have this risk…