Backup ISO 0 byte size


I am using dev v157 amd64

I have tried to do an .iso backup a number of times now and it used to work, however now it is just creating an ISO file of 0 bytes.

I checked /var/log/messages and I see no error about it at all.

Edit I have managed to find an error, and I think it is one I can’t solve?:

The URL gives me a 404 which might explain why it is not seeing any md5 hashes?

I am now thinking that perhaps because it is a dev build, under active development, there are no hashes supplied until release version?

Hi Ian,

You are correct about the md5 hash not being available but also the iso is not yet available on the download site.

The iso backup downloads the iso first and then adds in the backup files as a special directory.

Oh righto gotcha, thanks