Backup CGI is lacking a proper progress indicator

So I just wanted to migrate my i586 installation to a proper x86_64 one and made backups of all my plugins and the core system. Unfortunately, at that time I did not come across the disclaimer to “wait for the file size to not change anymore” before downloading the archive so guess what…

Yeah, I too came across to read it, when it was too late! I understand you wrote it in the docs but if I am ever going to make a backup using such a simple interface I will not consult the docs for that. So two solutions:

  • Add said disclaimer to the WUI (OK, I guess)
  • Have some sort of progress indication and only display actually finished backups until then (like you’d expect, MUCH BETTER)

Luckily for me, some data already propagated into the core system archive and I could open the archive. I was unable to restore it in its incomplete form using the WUI after reinstalling but rather had to manually scp the present files into their respective directories.

The plugin backups…: incomplete and broken. :confused:


thanks. :slight_smile:

You are right, the current backup CGI does progress indication in an - um - non-optimal fashion. :expressionless:

May I ask you to file a bug for this (I consider it is work opening one, as sitting in front of unusable backups is quite a PITA)? Please refer to this wiki page for further information, if necessary.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller