Azure UDRs and IPFire

Hi all,
I am trying to setup IPFire as firewall in a Hub/Spoke lab environment in Azure. I got it working fine back in time, but now I am not able to recall how I did it.
I think I am having issues with UDRs, but not sure what is wrong.

Allowing any-any ICMP rule, spoke1 can ping spoke2 across IPFire fine only when using the red interface as default route in the UDRs, but not when using the green interface as I would expect.

Additionally, only IPFire itself can reach Internet, spoke VMs cannot.

It will be great if someone that has setup similar scenario successfully could share the details on UDRs configured in red/green subnets and spokes.

Thank you!

I can’t assist with Azure routes, but I recommend a method to prevent future issues: use a dedicated notebook to document your project. Apply the Cornell Method to record each decision you make. Divide the page into a left section (1/3) and a right section (2/3), with a horizontal line near the bottom. Fill the right section with decisions and actions. Create a quick-scan distillate using keywords on the left. Summarize the notes in two points at the bottom. Add a descriptive title and date at the top. This documentation will serve you well in the future.

Why choose a notebook over digital notes? Analog documentation is frictionless, improving compliance. It’s also resilient to hardware failure and makes it easier to locate and understand past decisions.