Avatar from Gravatar is not cool

So from what I read you had another forum software before and you changed from the excellent phpbb to the discourse crap. Yeah, well I get it, phpbb can be a bit of a pain to keep updated. InvisionBoard is way better, also XenForo is awesome.

(Speaking as a person with 30 years of experience administering and moderating different platforms)


Ah well…

So I take some pride in using a relevant Internet Persona where I am. This includes avatar, and, when possible and relevant, signature. I have not been able to find where to change my avatar, I know it is possible, since I am a member of other Discourse forums. The avatar you display is not in any way related to my activity here and its been fetched from a wordpress.org gravatar I use occasionally, but do not want to have here. So I changed it, but I would still ask you to grant us more options than the Gravatar contraption. Or is that ability locked behind a post count or activity rank? Not that I care about those.

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The possibility to upload/change the avatar is on the page:



I did. if you look at it…?


Tried one different, then some others just to test.
No error messages, no information about file requirements.

And now I am stuck with a test that I do not seem to be able to restore back to what it was.

And, obviously, not linked to the forum in any way I can make out.

The way I got it to work for me was in the forum click on the menu bar at the top on the most right hand icon.

That opens another menu line with four icons. Select the most right hand icon and click that. If you hold the mouse over it you will see preferences.

That gives you a menu list vertically. Select Preferences.

On the page that is opened select Profile.

In Profile Header press the file upload icon on the left and select the file you want to use.

Press Save Changes at the bottom of the Profile page.

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Changed now by means of Gravatar…

Profile header is not the image for Avatar. Already set that to reflect employments, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar.