Automatic DNS host name server

I currently have a AT&T router that i am going to replace with an ipfire machine, my router automatically assign each device a domain name based on the devices host name e.g. a laptop with host name “laptop” could be accessed as without any additional configuration. I am wondering if it is possible for me to setup something like that in my home network once i get rid of AT&T’s router?

Yes. But you have to do the configuration.

Using the web gui you can enter something like this:

So my Mac can be accessed with imac3.localdomain.

i was hoping to be able to set up a system that would automatically setup a host on connection and take it down on removal, but if that is the best that can be done, i can live with it.


there is another way of doing this: If your clients rely on DHCP, you can change the domain of their DHCP leases. That way, the desired FQDNs will be added and removed if a DHCP lease is created or has expired.

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Peter Müller

thank you, this is the kind of thing i was looking for