AtomicPI Router

Are there plans to enable I2C display support in IPFire? I have tried to set this up with an AtomicPi, no success.

Here is my AtomicPi router contained within a Harbor Freight, Apache 1800 case. The AtomicPi has the full breakout development board attached. I added a couple of right angle USB adapters to create a header for the WiFi USB dongle, extended the Ethernet and another USB port to the front of the case. I included an 18650 battery holder to provide internal power. The four 18650 batteries have run the router for over 4.5 hours, with a client streaming videos and other web surfing.

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Have you tried to install the lcdproc addon. This support some I2C lcd diplays to show the system status.

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There is also a github page for lcdproc because the last update on the web site is 2012 while the last release on github is from 2017 and the last commit from 2021.

To Arne.F and Adolf Belka,
I should have been more specific. I am trying to use an SSD1306 I2C OLED display. So, it is probably not an issue with I2C support but having a kernel module or userspace driver for this display. I am doing more research.