Assessment from IPS Log Entry

Hello all,

I have now enabled IPS on my router and when I start my own Windows 10 system, so the following log entries are written.

On my system the ipFire router is set as DNS server and as it looks and I understand it, my PC tries to request the shown external IP addresses as DNS server.
Is this correct and what can I do now? The messages always come directly after the start of the PC and then no longer.

Regards Paul

This one is a little harder.

You can try to do a REDIRECT of DNS (if you want).

-and /or-

You can disable the rule:

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You can try to do a REDIRECT of DNS (if you want).

if I may comment on that one: This is a good thing to do anyways, since it ensures your clients’ DNS traffic needs to pass a properly configured, DNSSEC-validating resolver.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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Thanks for the tip and I have created the rule for GREEN and ORANGE.
I’ll let myself be surprised what happens now.

I don’t think a DNS redirect will work with ORANGE. It does work for GREEN and BLUE.

There are no IPFire DNS services available in the DMZ (orange).