Article that talks about IPFire

I wanted to present an article that talks about IPFire, the same was written by a user of IPFire Italy, the articles are in English
I take this opportunity to propose a change to the forum by inserting a section where it is possible to publish articles or events of IPFire so that each user can find them simply, instead of searching for them among the various posts of the forum


The Community section sounds like the correct place to post!

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I was honestly thinking of a section like they talk about us
where you can publish articles, events, etc. that talk about IPFire

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That is this same section.

(maybe I am not understanding what you are looking for. If this section did exist, what would you name it? Hopefully this will give me a better idea of what is needed.)

hi a suitable name
they talk about us
success stories

Individual “Success Stories”? or something else?

It should be quite obvious that what is requested is a subforum where we can post links to media and articles where some reference has been made to IPFire.

I like the

concept, it’s fun and interesting.

IPFire success stories
I see it where to publish articles where IPFire or its functions are discussed
where you can post photos of IPFire events
so it is not an individual issue but a community issue
if the article is written by Mr. Smith who talks about IPFire and its potential, it is not a success of Mr. Smith but of IPFire
a place where it is easy to find an article or an event where you can get ideas with the sole purpose of growing the community

To make that work the posts need to have a clear title defined and a post that has a good precis of what the link and its content is about.

People will probably start of like that but my experience is that after a few months the entries will be much terser with things like " interesting link here" so from the title and content it becomes hard to figure out what the article is about and even if you want to actually click on the link.

So someone is going to need to moderate and check out all those posts and tidy them up a bit where they are not clear enough. Who is going to step forward to commit to do that?


Ciao Adolf
what you say is true but it can be solved in various ways, one of these could be this
I take inspiration from what you exposed, for this reason if you want I can offer myself as a moderator, for this option I would make sure that new posts remain invisible until one of the moderators checks it and makes it public,
but I would also put a guideline for the publication of posts, if it is not respected it is deleted without checks.
The post must contain a comprehensible title (to avoid titles like how beautiful )
A description of the article, perhaps indicating the name of the person who wrote it
If the post does not have these requirements it is not published
I forgot
if written in a language other than English it must be reported

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Hi Umberto,

If someone like you is willing to support it as you described then it might be worth giving it a try and seeing how it goes and then reviewing after a period.


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Hi @jon you have worked more closely with the details of the forum structure. How easy is it to create a new category or sub-category?

It is easy to do but moderators do not have access to add new/sub categories. @ms would need to add.

I’d suggest adding it as a sub-category to Community.