Arris/att del box imposes fake limit

I have Soho setup with an Harris att dsl box.
I want to use a 10.x.y.z addresses on my IPFire but the att arris box INSISTS on a 192.168.x.y address.
Is there a NAT or ‘ip rule’ solution?

I think you might be confused… the red interface set to DHCP should get whatever ip your box hands out and then when you setup ip fire you shoal get asked what range you want DHCP to be on your green interface…,
As far as getting a different ip address from the arris box that something you will have to take up with ATT and has nothing to do with ipfire as you would need to change the ip scheme on the arris box. Do you have the TV boxes they send out if so then they wont change it btw…

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Thx for the response.
Setting red0 via dhcp led to ‘address out of range’ error even when there was a fixed mac address based assignment of ip address.
But the routing between this non-video Arris dsl box is the problem.

Which Arris box do you have?
Is your internet connection DSL or CableInternet ( DOCSIS)?