AQC113C Chipset

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has anyone tried Marvell AQC113C NICs with IPFire?

Products using this chipset are ASUS PCE-C2500, QNAP QM2-2P10G1TB, and others.


May I suggest searching “Fireinfo” ?


It is not on the vendor list, so I’m asking. I checked Aquantia, and the specific chip is not listed. There are no ASUS PCIe NICs; QNAP, which I mentioned, and Gigabyte, which is another example vendor for said chipset, are not listed at all.


Then that means that none of the IPFire users that have turned on fireinfo are using those NIC’s.

The only remaining option then is if there are any of the people who have fireinfo disabled that have used those NIC’s. That is then a case of waiting to see if anyone responds on the forum.

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Looking in the Marvel website for drivers they have AQC 100, 107, 108, 111 & 112 but not AQC113.

There is a github site from Aquantia
and the readme there says it covers

  • AQC-100,
  • AQC-107,
  • AQC-108,
  • AQC-109,
  • AQC-111,
  • AQC-112,
  • AQC-113.

so that covers the AQC113 but it sounds like that is a driver not yet integrated into the linux kernel.
The wording in the github site also says

" Notice this is an experimental software. For stable driver version please either visit or take the driver bundled with your linux kernel."

Looking in the Linux Kernel modules in IPFire, the only AQC driver is shown as the USB based AQC111.

It might be worth asking Marvell/Aquantia what driver they already have in the linux kernel that supports the AQC113C.


Thanks for the details. It is much clearer now.

Anyway, I left a support question with Marvell and will share their response here.

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The atlantic module in the in the IPFire kernel (6.1.45) also contain the hardware id’s of the AQC113 chipset so it may work but this is not sure.